Well, they won't taste themselves...

Once again we bit the bullet and dove into a marathon tasting, in the quest to expand our knowledge even further.

We were kindly hosted by Hancock's Wine & Spirits to their Christchurch event, where with an eye to summer we sampled a mountain (70 in total) of tasty beverages, from Australian beer to Australian Methodes to Australian Cabernet's...wait! We did also dip into New Zealand, France, Chile and more.

Amazed of The Day: by the value of a couple of Aussie reds, including a Yarra Valley Pinot Noir that will be on the shelves this week at under $20 - this beats any Kiwi one I've seen at the same price.

Favourites of The Day: Melbourne Gin Company Gin, Rogue Society Goldilocks Navy Gin,  Jaboulet La Petite Chapelle Hermitage 2007, Akarua Rua Rose 2015...the great food at Dux Live for the After Party. 

Big Surprise of the Day: Arras Brut Elite NV (Tasmania!) from the House of Arras, who have been acclaimed as the best sparkling producer in Oz by James Halliday, and the winemaker Ed Carr voted as one of the Top 10 Winemakers, and the most awarded winemaker in the country. This is a mouthful of tropical and citrus fruits, creamy brioche and nougat...just great stuff.  

Despite all this tasting, I only actually consumed 2.5 beers the whole event, and was home with a cup of tea by 10pm. The same can't be said for the others from the region...but "what happens on tour", as they say.